The Breakout Role Podcast

Salma Hayek - Desperado

October 20, 2019

In the latest episode of the Breakout Role Podcast, Luke and Jess watch Robert Rodriguez' follow-up to El Mariachi, Desperado, featuring the first starring role in Hollywood for Salma Hayek! #SalmaHayekBreakout

In her time in America, Salma Hayek has overcome stereotypes and stood up to sexism in the industry. From her turn in Desperado onwards, her chemistry with other actors and her ability to bring characters alive stood out. Was this a breakout or a fakeout for Salma? Listen in as Luke and Jess find out!


Episode artwork by Sweet Acid Witch (@aaaacidwitch on Instragram)

Intro Music '8 Ounces of Bounce' by SLVS 

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